1. Technical Data:
1ModelQAZVIN- H1200
2Max. Cutting CapacityRound: Φ1200mmPlate : 1200x1300mm
3Blade SpeedFrom 12 up to 60m/min
4Blade Size11460x67x1.6mm
5Vice ClampingHydraulic
6Blade Tensioning FormManual
7Feeding Out Adjust WayHydraulic Stepless
8Feeding WayAutomatic
9Main Motor15Kw
10Hydraulic Motor2.2Kw
11Coolant Pump0.25Kw
12Machine Size ( L*W*H)5200x2000x3200mm

TFI Co. Horizontal band saws with double columns have several advantages over single column horizontal band saws:

  1. Increased cutting capacity: Double column saws generally have a larger cutting capacity than single column saws, which makes them well suited for cutting large workpieces.
  2. Greater stability: The double column design provides additional support and stability, which can be beneficial when cutting thicker or heavier materials.
  3. Increased accuracy: Double column saws often have more precise cutting capabilities due to their increased stability and rigidity.
  4. Improved blade life: The double column design allows for better blade tracking, which can result in longer blade life.
  5. Enhanced safety: Double column saws often have additional safety features, such as guards and interlocks, which can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

In general, double column horizontal band saws are well suited for applications that require the cutting of large, heavy, or thick materials with a high degree of precision and stability.

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