Hydraulic Press Machine

TFICo strives to enhance the market efficiency higher by delivering the quality products and increasing market awareness for the commodities they purchase

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Boost Your Press Line

We make the machine and the progressive dies for the power press machines. TFICo is proud to attract the satisfaction in metal working and HVAC customers in UAE. Make the punching and sheet processing lines perform greater with your new TFICO machines

Types of Press Machines
MetalWorking Customers
Active Machines
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Our Team

TFICO Made the supply chain easier with the efficient Team and expert members in the market to enquire your order and deliver you the best machine(power press and Hydraulic press)

Not Only Hydraulic Press
But ALSO Power Press

Flywheel drive

Old Style but yet effective. Manufacturer TFICO serves the market with the old style punch press machine for the market of UAE and GCC and CIS with Crank Shaft Power press and Progressive dies along with machines suiting the projects of customers.


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