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TFICo. IronWorker Machine

Multifunction TFICo Sanandaj Model Ironworker Machine for Iron fabrication and steel working Factories for making following Functions:

  • Cutting corners notching
  • Shearing small steel belts
  • Circular Hole punching
  • Oval Hole punching
  • Corner channel cutting shear
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Our Jobs is to support your production, we make what you will benefit from . Our experience with the opportunity you give us will have the result of our success. IRONWORKER machines in UAE and GCC will benefit from the accessories TFI Co presents to customers . for more information on your accessories of machines please let us know for the contact details.

We Design, Manufacture & Deliver

Single Function IronWorker machines for Industrial and metal working factories will be designed and manufactured by TFICO. all what you need is to tell us your demands from IRONWOKRER machine. We will start our job to deliver you the value.

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TFICo. Models of IronWorker

The TFI Co. Ironworker is a versatile, hydraulic-powered machine designed for punching and shearing metal. It comes fully equipped with a range of stations including Punching, Flat Bar Shearing, Angle Shearing, Round Bar/Square Bar Shearing, and Notching. This multi-functional design ensures the TFI Co. Ironworker caters to the diverse requirements of the metal forming industry. The machine’s versatility can be further enhanced with a variety of optional accessories. These include a Press Brake, Channel/Sectional Bar Shear, Pipe Notching, Pipe Punching, and an assortment of punches and dies in various shapes and sizes. With these additions, the TFI Co. Ironworker stands as a comprehensive solution for all your metalworking needs.

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